Friday, 10 August 2018

Vintage Vodafone Mast

On the way back from Airdrie today, I stopped at Happendon Services by the M74 (grid reference NS850338).
In the car park is a Vodafone mast which has been there from the early 90s or earlier. There aren't many of these left, with two omnidirectional antennas for the 900MHz band. I know this one was active in 1995 with their analogue phone service (control channel 935.7625 MHz), probably GSM too by then. 
Since then, other masts have appeared, the one in front of the Airwave mast looks like newer Vodafone 900 and 2100MHz panels.
And at the far end of the car park, the antennas on that mast may be the ones which are actually in use now, as most sites now only use two sets of panels, one for Vodafone/O2 and the other for EE/Three.

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