Thursday, 27 January 2011

Antennas 2001

Antennas when I was in Dalton, looks like about April 2001. Watson W300 dual bander on a 12ft pole. Dipole for 50 MHz on the side of the pole. I had a 50 MHz dipole up for a few years but never once had that band while it was up. I usually just had it plugged into a scanner.
In the background there is the Solarcon A99 which was also on a 12ft pole round the back of the house.
The W300 was fed with Mini-8 coax at the time, and everything else had RG-58.
Scanned in from an analogue photo. Found the photo this week while going through some old boxes of computer bits.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

1st Chaser QSO of 2011

My first SOTA chaser QSO of 2011 was with 2E0OCC/P on G/LD-050 Gummers Howe, on 145 MHz FM.