Saturday, 17 September 2011

Comparing 20m antennas

Solarcon A99 vs 10m long end fed wire (sloping down from base of A99).

A99 is 6dB down on transmit and 6dB up on receive (as long as noise level and M6AYY's antenna stayed the same). Both tests were done around the same time of day and the distance is short enough to make sure the propagation isn't going to change.

The SWR without a tuner of the A99 is very high (>5:1) but the LDG AT-7000 autotuner handles it OK.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Windows 8

Installed the Developer Preview of Windows 8 tonight. Apart from the screen resolution being limited to non-widescreen settings of 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1280x1024 (none of which will scale up to the full size of my monitor, which is 1920x1080), everything so far has worked the same as in Windows 7.

I've tried installing some of my regularly used software and it has all worked. One program needed .NET but Windows downloaded it automatically.
The usual desktop and Windows Explorer are there behind the new tiled UI, and work mostly the same.

At the moment I'm running WSPR 2.0 and it's definitely transmitting and receiving somewhere so the sound card and serial port are working.
But will Windows ever have PDF support or have single-click turned on by default (it's only been available for 14 years)?

Holmfirth on 21MHz WSPR tonight (IO93CN, 111Km).

Monday, 12 September 2011

20m WSPR

Some more 14 MHz WSPR reports by:
G0GSJ - Barrow (<5km)
G4FUI - Penrith (68km)
G0BZB - Newcastle (144km)
Sometimes I was receiving a "ghost" signal from G0GSJ 100Hz away, about 34dB below the main one. Maybe some distortion in the transmitting computer's sound card or in the transmitter.
The same thing happened once on my transmission.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Barrow to Kirkby on 14 MHz

On 14 MHz WSPR:
M6AYY in Kirkby In Furness (IO84JF, about 14Km away)
My signal report -17dB S/N (10 watts)
His signal report -12dB S/N (5 watts)
And on the 7th September, M6AYY received me at -27dB S/N on 10 MHz WSPR. At exactly the same time (20:56 UTC), I got to W1BW at -18dB (FN42HL).

Other recent interesting ones are:
G1NXS on 14 MHz in IO83RK (Warrington)
M0RBY on 21 MHz in IO94DF (Masham, North Yorkshire)
G4OEU on 14 MHz in IO84XX (Hexham)
MW3DAO on 14 MHz in IO72XW (Porthmadog)