Wednesday, 29 June 2011

USB Power Supply

110v - 5v USB power supply

US Broadcast Query

To find the transmitter details for a broadcast station in the USA, use this URL (replace WTMP with your station letters), or replace 'fmq' with 'amq' for an AM station.

Some differences between US and UK broadcasters:
Anything below 10KW ERP is a small station
FM channels are always spaced 200KHz, e.g. 88.1, 88.3, 107.7, 107.9 so there is no real overlap between adjacent channels. Stations in the same city are usually spaced 800 KHz.
AM channels are 10KHz spaced, and the band goes up to 1700KHz

Florida Log

List of WSPR reports I got while in Florida (Google Docs)
A total of 141 stations, best DX was 4X1RF in Israel (KM72LLinkLinkS) on 14 MHz
56 grid squares in the USA (Map of grid squares)
Spreadsheet to record US grid squares
29 US States
15 stations in the UK
I only received one station as the power supply was putting out so much noise. The noise was that bad, it was coming in through the ATU or FT-817's power socket, there was about S7 of noise even when the antenna coax was unplugged.

Now everything is packed up ready to go home tomorrow.
Round here, there are public safety and business radio users on the 850 and 935 MHz bands (both analogue and digital trunked systems).
East Central Florida Scanner Page

AM Logbook - list of all USA AM broadcast stations, with downloadable Excel spreadsheet
Florida Low Power Radio Stations - listing of past and present Part 15/Travellers Info/Pirate stations in Florida

Friday, 17 June 2011


Set up the HF station here in Davenport, Florida, using a horizontal wire in the garage, fed with a "long wire balun" and LDG Z-11 auto ATU.

At the moment I can hear nothing because of the very noisy switch mode PSU which I brought (a 4A 12v PSU, the kind used for a small LCD TV). But on transmit, these were my first reports:

The locator is EL98DG. I was surprised I got as many reports into Europe.
I've also got reports on 10 and 18 MHz around the USA.
The PC's clock is set using a USB GPS receiver, which works inside the garage. The software I'm using to set the clock from GPS is GPS Time And Test

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Travelling to Florida tomorrow, taking FT817 with me for some HF operation, probably trying WSPR. I'll be using my US callsign KC0PUZ (took their exams in the UK).
At the airport Travelodge there's a charge for using their WiFi, through a login page, but the Google Mail and Maps Android apps on my phone still connected without signing in.