Saturday, 8 October 2011

440 MHz data

The mobitex data network just above 440MHz (440.4625, 440.4875 etc.) seems to have been switched off completely. All the sites using the 453 MHz channels (453.2125 etc.) went off a while ago, leaving a few of the 440 MHz sites going.
They were useful as 'beacons' for testing antennas.
A recording of one of them

The frequencies that were in use around here were:
440.4125 Barrow Town Hall
453.2125 Langthwaite (Lancaster)
453.2625 Blackpool
440.4625 Windy Harbour (Brinscall, Preston)
440.4875 Billinge Hill
453.1375 Blackburn
453.3375 Hameldon Hill
453.3875 Waddington Fell, Clitheroe
453.2625 Sedbergh TV Mast? (or was it from the mast at Gatebeck?)
453.2125 Penrith Beacon
440.0875 Whitehaven TV Mast (moved from 440.0125)
453.3625 Great Orme, Llandudno
440.1375 Llangollen BBC FM mast
440.2625 Heswall, Wirral
453.1375 Carlisle
453.3125 Shap Fells
453.3625 Hazelshaw Hill, Dumfries