Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blawith Knott

Walked up Blawith Knott (WOTA LDO-092) yesterday afternoon. The last time I'd been here was about 5 years ago, before it qualified for Wainwrights On The Air.
Used my Alinco handheld with a dual band whip.
QSOs made from the summit (all on 145 MHz):
MQ6AYY/P Chris, on Kirkby Moor (I could see the top of Kirkby Moor but he was on the other side of the hill).
G4UXH/M6UXH Milnthope
MQ0XSD/MQ6EPW on Pike O Blisco (SOTA LD-024)
MQ0XMC on Carnedd Llewelyn (SOTA GW/NW-002)
M0CZU/M Don, near Carnforth

On the way down the hill I worked GQ1JTD and M3XJV on Harter Fell (SOTA G/LD-028)
 Black Combe
 Coniston Fells
 Looking towards Fairfield

Sunday, 3 June 2012

PSK reporter

Left DM780 running on 14.070 all day, receiving PSK31. The best finds as seen on PSK Reporter were:
PT2ZXR, Brazil
Z21BB, Zimbabwe
4S7BRG, Sri Lanka
BD6JJX, China
W3WY, Pennsylvania, USA
and also MQ6AYY, M6DHV and M1TXI from nearby.