Saturday, 20 April 2013

Grassgarth Heights

Had a walk up to Grassgarth Heights this afternoon. Took a 19 element 23cms yagi and a 10m half wave vertical made on a fishing pole.
Got 2 QSOs on 1297 MHz FM with G7RNX (Dalton in Furness) and MW1FGQ.
Didn't make any contacts on 10 metres but it seemed to work OK. I could hear some distant CB activity on the UK FM band, could have been Manchester. All that would have been buried in the noise at home.
I doubt anyone would be monitoring 29.600 or 51.510 FM fron home except when propagation was very good.
Grassgarth Heights is a HuMP summit with the reference G/HLD-020 and although I didn't feel like climbing the wall to get to the top, I think I was still within 25 metres.

Tried a new route this time, going from the south of the hill on the footpath that starts at SD358820

Maycom CB on 10 Metres

Convert EM27 CB to 10Meters

Cheap 10m mobile rig if you have one of these spare.

Sunday, 7 April 2013