Saturday, 20 December 2014

Finsthwaite Heights

Activation of WOTA summit LDO-104 Finsthwaite Heights today.
This is one I'd heard of but never looked at where the summit really was, apart from knowing it was somewhere near Finsthwaite village. It's just north of Finsthwaite village, and to the south west of High Dam, and as only the very top is above the trees, it's probably not a hill you would notice from anywhere. Any paths to the top look like they have been made by animals but even though it's off the proper footpath, I never had to climb over any fences or walls.
I just took the handheld radio up there and made 2 QSOs, with M6CVD on Walney and G4PF near Preston on 145MHz.
Is it just me or have people stopped listening to 145.500 at weekends? Not long ago there were quite a few people around the Morecambe Bay and north Lancashire area who were chasing SOTA/WOTA summits regularly and would be able to work such lowly hills as Finsthwaite Heights. It could be that people are switching off because of the few local activations being posted online (it's not the best weather for going out anywhere at the moment so wouldn't expect loads of activity).
Other people have also commented on the drop in 145MHz activity in this area, maybe with the improved HF conditions in the last few months they are busy elsewhere.

The summit of Finsthwaite Heights

 View north of some trees. Lots of trees.

 Helvellyn with a little snow

Langdale Pikes, with Grizedale Forest in front and the Coniston High Man radio/TV masts