Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Brant Fell and New Car

On Saturday I was at Windermere in the morning so I had a quick walk up Brant Fell (WOTA LDO-113) on the way home. Just took the Alinco handheld up there and made 2 contacts, M0AYB/P who was on the way up St Sunday Crag from Patterdale, and M0LKB at Ulverston.
Parked at SD413961 on the road to the east of the fell, where there is a parking space at the start of the footpath.

On Thursday I picked up the new(ish) car, a Nissan Note N-Tec 1.4 petrol. It has built in satnav, Bluetooth and USB music playback.
No less than 3 12v sockets - one below the dash, one behind the front seats and one in the boot. Also some good places to keep a radio out of the way.

Fixing the FT-8900 head unit to a phone holder. Screwed back together after putting cable ties through.