Friday, 16 June 2017

Freeholds Top

Yesterday I was in the Manchester area so stopped off on the way home at Whitworth and walked up to the summit of Freeholds Top (SOTA G/SP-011). I'd been up there a couple of times before (2003 and 2006).
I took my Retevis DMR handheld and the Baofeng GT-3 dual band handie, both with their own antennas.
I made one QSO on DMR simplex (438.6125) with G8HIK in Radcliffe and the rest on 145MHz FM. All were in the Greater Manchester area.
I parked at Shawforth, grid reference SD890210.
Just had to restart my PC while editing this post after Windows 10 got a BSOD, at least Blogger saved everything.

Hameldon Hill BBC transmitter site 12km to the north west. Across the valley from Freehold's Top to the west is the Whitworth TV and DAB mast.

 Manchester somewhere in the distance

 I don't think these were here last time I visited

The last photo is a capture from a video I shot on my new "Action Pro Sports Camera" (a very cheap GoPro type thing). 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Huawei Mate 9

Got my new phone last Thursday, a Huawei Mate 9

Side by side with the old Galaxy Note 4. No physical buttons on the front and 0.2" more screen squeezed in.

 The phone came with a case, but I'd already ordered one.

USB-C cable, the first USB-C thing I've ever had, and a Micro USB to USB-C adaptor.
I think the RF performance of the phone is better than the Samsung, it does seem to hold a 3G/4G signal through areas where it would completely drop out before, and maybe 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is also better.
It can also show the channel number of the cell in use and some neighbouring cells, the Samsung never did this (but earlier Galaxy Notes did).
There is space for 2 SIM cards (or one SIM and one Micro SD card) but on the version I got from Three UK the 2nd SIM isn't recognised.