Saturday, 10 August 2013

Brown Carrick Hill

A more successful SOTA activation yesterday than Wednesday's attempt at See Morris Hill. Brown Carrick Hill (SOTA GM/SS-260) is near to Ayr and Kilmarnock and there are a few people listening to 145.500 in the daytime.
The true summit is not the part with the masts on, it is to the west, across a bit of boggy ground that is below the 25m limit of the activation area.

Brown Carrick Hill masts today

The masts in 2009 when I was last here
Some of the antennas have gone from the masts, all the emergency services have now moved to TETRA (the 4-stack dipoles with extra supports). DAB antennas are on the most distant of the 3 masts.

This ship was just off Ayr

1 comment:

NCMnCAT said...

Hi Simon, I heard you on Friday from the Carrick Hills but when I heard you call as I left my work I thought you were many miles away. Then I heard you saying the Brown Carrick Hill.
I was very surprised I was struggling to receive your signal as I was less than three miles south of you.
Going by the photos you posted I see you are using a mobile whip for portable use, maybe it is not working as it should. Do you have a counterpoise on the antenna.
Maybe something you could check before going out next time to play SOTA.

73 Neil 2M0NCM