Wednesday 22 December 2010

Puxing PX-2R

I recently ordered a Puxing PX-2R handheld and it arrived today.
This covers 400 - 470 MHz, with 2 watts RF power.
The battery is a 3.7v mobile phone type and charging is through a Nokia type 2mm power connector at 5 volts, so it will charge from a USB port (cable supplied) or Nokia phone charger.
It has a female SMA antenna connector (unlike other Chinese handhelds).
The manual has no information about how to store frequencies into the 128 memories or connect to a PC for programming, but there is programming software available on the Puxing website and the 2.5mm speaker/mic socket must be used for the PC connection. There is no mention of 6.25KHz steps either, the menu allows only 12.5 or 25 KHz channel steps, but if you type in a 6.25 KHz offset frequency (e.g. 446006) then it tunes in 12.5 KHz steps from that frequency (446.00625, 446.01875 etc.)
As usual for this type of radio, the S-meter is useless, taking about 2 seconds to respond to any change in signal and showing either full or nothing.
For £28 including postage this is worth the money though.
Forum discussion on this handheld
Instructions on storing memories


Unknown said...

I wanted to get one of those for EchoLink but they don't support DTMF.

Steve GW7AAV said...

The Puxing users the same computer cable as the Kenwoods, Wouxuns, Lintons etc. £1.25 plus P&P from eBay.

M1AVV said...

The px-2r has a jack socket with another contact on the outside. Other Puxings have a Kenwood speaker/mic connection but this has a 2.5mm 4-pole jack. The cable I ordered has what looks like a locking jack plug, but with an extra contact on the outside of the socket body.