Sunday, 6 December 2009


Had a look on the Ofcom website and the mast at Waterfoot (SD845209) is used by United Utilities, in the 139 MHz band.
Staying at Ashton-Under-Lyne tonight so after getting a pizza, went for a drive around. Parked at the top of Dukinfield and had a listen to the radio. Worked G0BWC/A on 70cm, in Bolton. After talking about 23cm activity in the north west, I decided that my mission for 2010 would be to work someone on 23cm (just hearing someone would be a start, I've had receivers for that band for 15 years and never heard a single thing, probably because I've never had a decent antenna for it). People are using it from hill tops in this area.
Now I've ordered myself an Alinco DJ-G7E triplebandheld (2m/70cm/23cm) which will do about 1 watt on 23cm. That's a lot for a 23cm handheld, one of the old Standard ones put out 35mw! There's not much point in buying another dualbandheld because unless you get a D-Star one, there's nothing there which hasn't been done before. Even the Icom IC-E92 is just the E91 (which I've already got) with a D-Star module fitted, it has no other features. That's another thing to try next year, D-Star. Will Digital Voice take over from analogue FM voice? Things don't change that quickly.
See you on 23cm!

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